Susing’s Guitar started as a small backyard cottage industry in Mactan island, Cebu where Juanito Valiente Sr., a merchant & excellent luthier together with a couple of his relatives built handcrafted guitars which were then sold in a general merchandise store owned by his wife Susana Valiente.

In the past, female nicknames often end in “ING”. Susana was fondly called Susing by family, relatives & neighbours in their hometown in Mactan island. This was the humble beginning of Susing’s Guitar.



Juanito’s excellent craftsmanship and entrepreneurial skills led him to expand his business. He hired more luthiers and honed their skills to meet the growing demand for his Cebu handcrafted guitars & ukuleles.



Juanito & Susana’s children all got involved in the guitar business from production to sales. The guitar & ukulele business became a success because of the collective effort of everyone in the family.

The Susing’s Guitar showroom was originally in the first floor of the two story residence of the Valiente’s in Mactan island, Cebu.
Here’s a snapshot of how the showroom in Mactan island, Cebu looked like back then. It has a collection of handcrafted guitars& ukuleles.





Susing’s Guitar has represented the country as commissioned by the Department of Tourism
in various international guitar expos. Lucrecio Valiente, Juanito’s son has been to the following guitar
expos: Hong Kong in 1976, Japan in 1983 and Singapore in 1992. He demonstrated the
techniques that the Susing’s Guitar used to build Cebu handcrafted instruments.

guitar2 guitar4

He has also been invited to numerous exhibits & shows abroad where he displayed the handcrafted instruments
that the Susing’s Guitar factory produced.


Juanito & Susana Valiente, who established Susing’s Guitar in the late 40s both have devoted
their time & and expertise in ensuring the factory produced top quality handcrafted guitars, ukuleles and other stringed instruments.
They helped make the mark of Cebu as the guitar capital of the Philippines.


Lucrecio who is very passionate in guitar building took over the business from his parents in the 90’s and renamed it “New Susing’s Guitar”. At the same time, he started exporting guitars and ukuleles to the US, Europe and Asia.

In 2010, Lucrecio’s children, Creselda & Lloyd inherited the business when he decided to retire. Before taking over the guitar making business, Creselda & Lloyd were highly encouraged by their mother, Elizabeth Valiente, to work in different companies. Their experience in the different corporations they worked for has helped them honed their leadership & management skills. They incorporated everything they learned in developing more efficient processes for the New Susing’s Guitar.

Their contributions include: creating a more identifiable branding, expanding the exporting side of the business, and developing quality ukuleles as the demand for such has greatly increased over the years.


In 2014, Susing’s Guitar redesigned their logo & created standardized guitar & ukulele models.

The factory & showroom has been frequented by celebrities & tourist who’d like to see firsthand how Cebu guitars are handcrafted.


In 1974, actor Philip Gamboa & actress Gina Pareno visited the factory
while they were in Cebu promoting their movie.


In 1977, candidates of the Miss Asia Pageant stopped by the
Susing’s Guitar showroom while on tour here in Cebu.


In 1988, while filming their hit movie Love Boat, Mahal Trip Kita, the cast & crew – (Eddie Gutierrez , Susan Roces, Ruffa Guitierrez,etc) dropped by the Susing’s Guitar showroom.


In early 2000, actress & model Angel Aquino dropped by the shop to say hello!
Here’s a snapshot of Angel with Lucrecio Valiente & his wife Elizabeth Valiente.


Manny Pacquiao while in Cebu was given a custom made Susing’s guitar especially built for a boxing champ who loves to sing.


Actress, model & stunt girl Natasha Cordova known for her work on ThanksKilling (2009), The Final Lesson (2009)
and Legend of Kamen (2011) also visited the Susing’s Guitar shop when she was in Cebu for a project.


Prorgrams like the Lifestyle Channel featuring Renee Montemayor, ‘Sang Linggo nAPO Sila, Trip na Trip, Solar Channel’s What I See, Kabuhayang Swak na Swak, GMA’s Unang Hirit & Buena Mano were among the TV show who featured Susing’s Guitar in their programs.